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Kairoz is a small manufacturer based in Salzburg, focused on beautiful design and handcraft with a bespoke quality, founded in April 2018. After nearly 2 years of background work and brining vision to life, Iā€™m happy to present the debut collection.

Taking inspiration from beauty found in nature, the lighting structures are fashioned after fir cones, drops, leafs or other elements and shapes. Due to the character of the wood they give off cozy ambient light and their unique shadowing allows for special accents to fill the room around them.

High quality beech, pine, and poplar are carefully hand selected and then lovingly treated with oils, glazes, and varnishes to achieve a fine-tuned polished finish. The treated wooden elements are then pieced together in a sophisticated technique, limiting the need for additional materials to fashion the ideal shape.

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The Leaf, Cone, and Moon are joined in the collection by the beautiful Pillar and Drop, but only available in small quantities. The geometric shape of the Drop comes together through the combination of many circles and bars. The form of the Pillar stands out with a detailed mosaic style, built from one piece of wood through a detailed process. Due to the demanding and time consuming technique required to build the Pillar and the Drop, there are only 5 available of each style. Act quickly and you could be lucky enough to get your hands on one.

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